Latest HTML5 And CSS3:

The HTML is a simple website designing language; however, there are many advanced versions available in the software industry. HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML is HTML 6 which has many advanced features as compared to any of the other HTML language version.
CSS 3 is the latest standard for CSS. It

LI-FI. A New Era of Wireless Technology.

Will Li-Fi replace Wi-Fi?


Li-Fi , as coined by Prof. Harald Haas during his TED Global talk, is bidirectional, high-speed and fully networked wireless communications, like WiFi ,using visible light. Li-Fi is a subset of Visible Light Communications (VLC) and can be a complement to RF Communications.

Li-Fi is designed to use LED light bulbs


Motorola has made quite a splash with its Moto 360 smartwatch globally, offering the first smartwatch that comes with a round dial, water-resistance as well as an integrated heart rate monitor and pedometer. But do you really need a smartwatch? Will its unique features be enough to help the Motorola smartwatch speed up the adoption of wearables in India?

Android 5 comes to the Galaxy S5

Many Samsung Galaxy S5 users have wondered as to when the flagship handset from the Korean tech giant will get hold of the latest Android L version, Android 5.0 Lollipop.

There is no denying the fact that for every Android smartphone and tablet owner, it is a dream to get the latest Android