Mind Tunes Music Created by the mind

PH D. Julien Castet employs Electro Encephalo Graphy (EEG) device in order to measure electrical brain activity, so those cannot use their limbs can craft mind tunes music created by the mind.

Disabled music fans Mark, Andy, and Jo create a musical composition together, controlling the software with nothing but their minds.



Yuki Koshimoto

Originally from Japan, Yuki is a talented musician playing an extraordinarily awesome instrument; the Spacedrum, a member of the Hand pan group of instruments.

Yuki began her journey around 2007 in attempt to find importance in her life. While in India, her experiences gave her new ideas on life and she changed her lifestyle.

It is only logical to say that a web designer should get good training in the main discipline of shaping written information, in other words: Typography. 95% of the information on the web is written language.

The days of “websafe” fonts are over.

Hierarchy, leading, kerning, and composition are crucial in making a digestible webpage. Believe it or not, your webpage can be

It was renamed the Design and Fashion Museum or simply MuDe (which also means “change” in Portuguese), and now also includes Portuguese businessman Francisco Capelo’s fashion collection made up of 1200 couture pieces, including a famous Jean Desses gown that Renee Zellweger wore to the 2001 Oscars and Christian Dior’s landmark 1947 New Look.

The design collection consists of works