New HTML 6 and CSS 4 Requrements and Features


Latest HTML5 And CSS3:

The HTML is a simple website designing language; however, there are many advanced versions available in the software industry. HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML is HTML 6 which has many advanced features as compared to any of the other HTML language version.
CSS 3 is the latest standard for CSS. It is completely backwards-compatible with earlier versions of CSS. CSS 3 has been split into “modules”. It contains the old CSS specification. In addition, new modules are added which are Selectors, Box Model, Backgrounds and Borders, Image Values and Replaced Content, Text Effects, 2D/3D Transformations, Animations, Multiple Column Layout, User Interface.

IF HTML6 AND CSS4 will Release:

In HTML, HTML 6 will be the latest version. It will come with an advanced development features which will be primarily work towards more easy to express tags, security, low size of document and many others. HTML6 is the advanced version of HTML5 so, it will include all the features of HTML5 and will have more added options.


HTML6 must require the latest version of a web browser because it gives preference to security so, upgrading the browser is important part of HTML6. Latest browser also helps to support additional features and fill all the gaps of HTML5. There are many browsers available in the market, hence ensure the use of effective web browser as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera.

Basic code:

<!DOCTYPE html>



<html:title>A Look Into HTML6</html:title>

<html:meta type=title value=Page Title>

<html:meta type=description value=HTML example with namespaces>

<html:link src=css/mainfile.css title=Styles type=text/css>

<html:link src=js/mainfile.js title=Script type=text/javascript>





<html:media type=image src=images/xyz.png>



<html:a href=/img1>a1</a>

<html:a href=/img2>a2</a>





<h1>Judul Artikel</h1>

<h2>Sub judul artikel</h2>





<h1>The concept of HTML6</h1>

<h2>Understanding the basics</h2>





<copyright>This site is © to</copyright>




Concept of sponsored/User Defined Tags:
An easy to use and express tag, a better mark-up technique is one of the features. For e.g. <div> tag has been used with multiple id’s like a wrapper or container, instead of marking up specifically by rules, you can mark it as <wrapper> or a<container> directly. Imagine using tags like <logo></logo> to mark up your logo or using <breadcrumb></breadcrumb> or <toolbar></toolbar> and you can define all these tags using CSS4.

Basically, this concept is like HTML with namespaces like XML, so HTML is used to customized tags. Entities/organizations can register and sponsor tags. This kind of mark-up will eventually provide complete independence to designers and developers.

Following are the Features of HTML6:

You can create interesting graphics design for website with the help of HTML 6 supports CSS 4.
In HTML, now it’s possible to include Bluetooth system tags.
Through Cloud storage ,Online data storage is available in HTML6.
High performance to application system is provided by An ARM processor.
Peer-to-Peer file transfer feature included by HTML6.
Connects users to each other through online voice and chat system in HTML6 includes the world of warcraft integration feature.
For various online activities Malware prevention creates a secure system.
Vehicle Registration , Telepathy and Rabies shots are additional specifications of HTML6.
This HTML6 will definitely incorporate loads of alteration while developing a website with its launch thus assisting web designer to create magic with their designs.

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