Amazing iKnife Detects Cancerous Tissue in Seconds

Amazing iKnife Detects Cancerous Tissue in Seconds

A technology that detects cancerous tissue at the cellular level, the “iKnife” improved tumor removal with its ability to distinguish healthy cells from cancerous ones in mere seconds.

By analyzing vapor given off as surgeons cut away tissue, it reports whether the tissue is cancerous in real-time.

Tests in almost 100 human patients show the tool’s diagnoses were extremely accurate and reliable enough for widespread use in operating rooms, according to a study published in the US journal Science Translational Medicine.

Utilizing mass spectrometry, it examines surgical smoke to alert the surgeon in three seconds as to what it contains.

It ”can augment current tumour diagnostics, and it has the potential to influence ‘on-table’ decision-making, ultimately to improve oncological outcomes”, according to the study.

These results came from testing done on tissue samples from 302 patients, including those with tumours of the stomach, colon, liver, lung, breast and brain, and later in the operating room during 91 procedures to cut cancerous tumor tissue away.

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