Our Team

Our Team

Our team at ECC utilizes highly customized, ever-evolving Lean Agile methodologies for our workflow. The goal of Agile is to reduce project overhead, and time-waste, making development as efficient and results-driven as possible


Our Skills

With Agile as our core, we are able to create dynamic web projects in a considerably shorter timeframe, while reducing overall development costs.

UX Design 100%
PHP 95


  • Agile Web Development

    To the moon! In weeks, not months.

    We get it. Technology is ever-changing, so with that in mind we allow room for flexibility so that when technology changes, our projects can adapt with it. This results in cost-effective savings over competitors who lock-in features, costing more later for additions.

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  • UX Design

    Innovative Web Design

    Elite Computing Concepts creates the most innovative websites utilizing the power of HTML5, CSS3 and PHP.

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  • Insights

    Your Data, Quantified

    We integrate advanced analytical applications in the cloud to quantify web traffic, application statistics, and marketing campaign data. This allows us to optimize the return on your investment.

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